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Become a peer reviewer. Fancy adding another string to your bow? Become a peer reviewer for our journal. Once submissions have been approved, we seek the expert advice of academics to determine whether articles are publishable. If you are interested in helping in this capacity, please send a list of your specialist subjects or research interests to the editors at Make sure you are as detailed as possible when describing your interests. For example, it is better for us to know that you are interested in 'Romantic poetry with a particular focus on John Keats', rather than simply 'English Literature'.


Editorial Vacancies:


HARTS & Minds has an opening on its editorial board for a Creative Writing and Reviews editor. The position is, unfortunately, unpaid as we are a non-profit journal, but we hope will be an excellent addition to your CV and an opportunity to gain some experience in academic editing.

Applicants should be current Postgraduate or Early Career Researchers (independent or affiliated). You should either have or be undertaking a degree in Creative Writing, or you may be working in any other Arts and Humanities discipline, but it is essential should have evidence of your own creative publications. It is desirable that you have some experience reviewing the creative work of others. 

Attention to detail, particularly in formatting and adhering to guidelines, is essential for the Reviews aspect of the post, and your communication skills must be generally excellent.

Unlike the other members of our editorial board who participate in the process from start to finish, the time commitment for this role is intensive over a shorter period of time. You will be working for 2-3 months helping our authors polish their work to a publishable standard. For the next issue on Chromatography that should fall from mid-February to April/May.

Applications should be comprised of a covering letter detailing:

  • your current position and research interests, 

  • a list of any publications (creative and/or academic)

  • any relevant experience,

  • how you would encourage more creative submissions and reviews,

  • Why you would be ideal for the role. 


Applications should be addressed to Chief Editors Jen and Liz, with the subject line "Creative Writing and Reviews Editor" and sent to


DEADLINE: Friday 27th October 2017.

We look forward to hearing from you!