Editors in Chief

Dr Jen Baker (Editor in Chief)
Dr Liz Renes (Editor in Chief)

Dr Daniel Evers (Co-founder)


Guest Managing Editors - Issue 10

Jade Boyd
Dr Liz Renes


Current Subject Editors

Dominique Gracia (Literature and History long C19th)
Jenny Messenger
(Classics and Ancient History)

Michael T. Miller (Religion and Theology)

Madeleine Emerald Thiele (Visual Arts)

Jen Hough (Early Modern Studies)

Mantie Lister (Creative Writing and Reviews)

Andy Hicks (Contemporary Literature)
Tanja Jurković (Literature and Film)

Mariana Lopez (Music Editor)

Imogene Newland (Performing Arts Editor)
Marzieh Kaivanara (Archaeology and Anthropology)

Aleksandar Kordiš (Modern Languages and Comparative Literature)
Niall Paterson (Philosophy)


Previous Guest Editors

Andy Hicks (Issue 8)

Rob Mayo (Issue 8)

Mariana Lopez (Issue 7)

Imogene Newland (Issue 7)

Abby Bentham (Issue 6)

Teresa Cutler-Broyles (Issue 6)


Previous Subject Editors
Michael Lyons (Philosophy)
Frankie Roe (Modern Languages and Comparative Literature)

Katherine Cook (Archaeology and Anthropology)
Fiona Mitchell (Classics and Ancient History)
Rachel Murray (C19th-early C20th studies)

Sarah Lovell (Assoc - C18th Studies)
Ashley Somogyi (Medieval Studies)
Kate Morris (Modern Languages and Comparative Literature)
Bethany Pope (Creative Writing)
James Camp (History)

Hannah Scott (Modern Languages and Comparative Literature)

Peter Sloane (Contemporary Literature)

Maria Taylor (Philosophy)

Paul Geary (Performing Arts)

Rosie Buggins (Music)

Daniel Sluman (Creative Writing)
Indaka Weerasekera (Religion)

Lucien Waugh (Visual Arts)

Jade Bailey (Languages)
Emma Whitcombe (Archaeology)
Bogdan Florea
(Performing Arts)