A little information about us.

ISSN 2053-1109

Our Mission. HARTS & Minds provides free and immediate access to the content of its journal in order to promote a wider ethos of knowledge exchange. It is our aim to give more postgraduate students a chance to have their work published. We know how difficult it can be to get noticed in an increasingly challenging and competitive academic world and we hope that our journal will help aspiring academics to improve the visibility of their research. We want to produce a high quality, inter-disciplinary, academic journal that suits the needs of the postgraduate research community in the United Kingdom and beyond.


Why start a new journal? Although there were already countless established journals that targeted a specific subject, Daniel and Jen wanted to target the incredible potential of inter-disciplinary work that is brought together by subjects under the Humanities and Arts. The Graduate School of Arts and Humanities at Bristol has created a vibrant, collaborative research community and the editors hope to spread that ethos throughout the wider academic community.


Guidelines. As with all academic journals we have a particular way of doing things. We have created author guidelines and an article template specifically for use with this journal (which you can find on the call for papers page). You must read the guidelines and format your article using our template before submitting. Notes on how to use the article template can be found in the guidelines. If you have any questions about using our guidelines or the template please contact the editors.


Who can submit? We accept articles from students whose research falls under Humanities, Arts, or Languages. We invite submissions from postgraduates at either taught level (MA, MLitt, MPhil, etc) or doctoral level, as well as early career academics who have not yet secured a full-time teaching position. HARTS & Minds defines an early career academic as someone within five years of being awarded their PhD or three years of achieving their first, non-tenured, academic position. Subjects may include English Literature and Language; History; History of Art; Religion and Theology; Classics and Ancient History; Archaeology and Anthropology; Drama and Theatre; Television and Film; Philosophy; Music; and Modern, European, and Medieval Languages and Comparative Literature.


University of Bristol. We are affiliated with the University of Bristol, specifically the Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities. The School is dedicated to the support of Arts, Humanities and Modern Languages postgraduates at all levels and it has much to offer to new and current students. Whether you are a taught or research student, studying full-time or part-time, from the UK or from overseas, we will provide you with a supportive and intellectually enriching environment in which to pursue your educational development as well as pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in which you can conduct individual study and also relax and meet other postgraduate students. You can find more information here.